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Ghost Killer Entertainment was founded back in January of 2013. It's million goal is to help promote new and upcoming bands that are looking for an outlet to show off the talent and inspiring artists of today's music scene.

It has since built up a fan base around the world for using new acts in the Post-Hardcore, Pop Punk, and Metalcore within their music scenes. It has videos bring in millions of views for bands on YouTube and continues to help out bands within the last few years. And giving the laughter through relatable music memes, funny and nostalgia driven videos and music news.

Especially with the success of the compilation series, Pop Goes Hardcore Volume 1 and Volume 2; showcasing new and upcoming bands cover the Hot 100 songs over the last few years.

Trying to get your band on the Ghost Killer Entertainment YouTube channel? Here's what you need to know!

Rules: 1.) Quality Final Mixed and Mastered versions of the song [No Demos Please] 2.) We do Stream Videos and Lyric Videos provided by Dawning Media Production, so if you don't have one, we can have one made for you. 2.) Message us or you can email us [Available upon request or can be found in the About Section]

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