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GEARSKIN™ is the most versatile self adhesive high-tech fabric available on the worldwide market. From the begining, GEARSKIN™ has undergone a very strenuous testing phase, improving it's characteristics, through the analysis of an array of lab, heavy crash and field tests. By getting a huge number of precise data we were able to aim the development of GEARSKIN™ in the right direction and got an innovative self adhesive fabric with so many mindblowing properties that it's application is almost limitless! Our product is entirely made in Europe using top quality ingredients, technology and knowledge. Complete production process takes place in a factory employing more than 300 people with 140 years tradition in textile industry making it one of the oldest in Europe. It's tradition, experts and technology in producing special purpose fabrics and materials is being used for decades supplying many military and law enforcement clients, as well as clients ranging from oil industry, railways, medical institutions and many more. All of the fabrics used in GEARSKIN™ production are Öeko-test certified and tested for harmfull supstances ensuring a 100% enviroment friendly and human safe products.

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