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Latin singer, social media speaker & writer from paris. Traveling 4 libertad. Follow my journey...

You can call me G.No, a nickname my italian father gave me. Practising music production in a digital era made me who I am now. I started in the early 2000’s by using digital tools like Apple, Adobe & Digidesign softwares, and I ended up writing tutorials for french magazines. Inspired by my cousin Mr Oizo and Myspace where I had 3 million plays, I spent years practising photo, video and social media communication. I started by writing books about music, and directing music documentaries. In the 2010’s I became editor-in-chief of two magazines (iLive & Music 2.0), and I wrote a book about social media that became the most sold one in France. That’s how I launched my own company called My Social Branding to design social media strategies for brands and artists. I’m since then digital marketing teacher and strategist, and I keep on making music.

As a singer-songwriter, I have duets with multi-platinium artists. As a writer, I wrote books about R&B Music, Pharrell and digital softwares, and I run a webzine called Lordz. As a social media designer, I helped companies like Liens & Valeurs, Laurette Fugain, Piper Heidsiek, Bosch, Pages Jaunes etc.

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