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Initially, FlightBot was a weekend project to test the bot space. A special advantage of this chatbot, that it's made by the pilot. Cause just pilots know which specific information is important for this work.

It's so cumbersome to search information for airports – this you can find in bloated apps or on web pages created in the 1990s. Such a text-heavy information perfectly matching with a funny chatbot.

FlightBot can easily understand natural people talking. Give to chatbot an IATA or ICAO airport code and in a few seconds, you will get full information. This perfect tool can be used by drone and non-drone pilots. If you are drone pilot – you can get FAA NOTAMs around your area, doppler radar, flight delays, webcams, airport restaurant recommendations.

A chatbot is a very useful tool, but it cannot replace navigation and original flight planning, don’t forget it.

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  • "Schedule my daily briefing!"

  • "What's the TAF for KJFK?"

  • "What's the distance between JFK and DTW?"

  • "Give me any NOTAMs for KPWT"

  • "What's the density altitude at KORD?"