Flash Light

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UPDATES: 1) Light is now on for more than 5 minutes at a time 2) Now, it does not say opening the light to avoid disturbance to others in the night. 3) It does not prompt for continuation after first 5 minutes, please re-launch by saying Alexa, open flash light if light is needed for longer.

Waking up in the middle of night ? or walking into the kitchen during night ? Simply say, Alexa, open flash light for the blue ring to open and keep it on for couple of minutes.

Simply say, Alexa, Stop or Alexa, Close the light to close the light any time.

You can extend the light if needed beyond initial round, and as long as you prefer.

Please note : this skill does not increase the brightness nor super bright. This light is enough light for you to locate the switch. Also some customers have reported issues and please note that you need to say open flash light and turn on flash light does not work at this point.

Hope in future this skill can set the ring light to bright white.

Thanks for trying and have a bright day !

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