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Federal Land, Inc. is a member of the GT Capital Holdings company and a proud partner of the Metrobank Group. Its roots began in Manila as Federal Homes, Inc. in 1972. From humble beginnings, it has evolved to its current name, Federal Land, Inc., developer of prime residential and commercial developments, from high-rise condominiums to suburban communities to commercial centers. Federal Land has become one of the fastest growing, most experienced and most trusted company in its field. Congruently, it has risen as the fountainhead of the magnificent 47-storey blade-like structure that unequivocally reshaped the Makati skyline, one of its flagship projects, the GT Tower.

Today, Federal Land continues to evolve and create developments that are a true testament to high-quality living. From the Metropolitan Park where residents enjoy daily majestic views of the setting sun to the paradise life of the Bay Garden Club & Residences and SixSenses Resort, it has transformed the landscape of the Philippine’s premier business and lifestyle district.

In pursuit of progress and excellence, Federal Land has come up with its next outstanding property developments. The world-class luxury of the Grand Hyatt Manila Residences. The prestige of the Metrobank Center, a glorious 66-storey glass sculpture that holds the legendary luxury symbol, the Grand Hyatt Hotel, and the headquarters of Metrobank. The elegant lifestyle of the best commercial centers. All these in one great community development in the Bonifacio Global City, Veritown Fort is just one of the company’s endeavors in enriching your lifestyle.

With more than 40 years of consistently elevating the quality of life of families, Federal Land prevails a proud and strong presence in property developments while always ‘Keeping you in mind.

One Wilson HLURB LTS NO. 28483 Date of completion: June 2017

Bay Garden Club and Residences Banyan Tower HLURB LTS NO. 029184 Date of completion: N/A

Bay Garden Club and Residences Mandarin Tower HLURB LTS NO. 28598 Date of completion: March 2015

Bay Garden Club and Residences Royal Palm Tower HLURB LTS NO. 029300 Date of completion: N/A

Four Season Riviera T1& T2 HLURB LTS NO. 26193 Date of completion: July 2016

Marco Polo Residences T1 HLURB LTS NO. 26254 Date of completion: One Year Date Issued Dec. 2, 2010

Marco Polo Residences T2 HLURB LTS NO. 27193 Date of completion: One Year Date Issued 6-24,2011 & 7-07-2014

Marco Polo Residences T3 HLURB LTS NO. 029566 Date of completion: Jan. 2017

Riverview Mansion HLURB LTS NO. 26992 Date of completion: Oct. 2013

SixSenses Resort T1 HLURB LTS NO. 029199 Date of completion: Feb. 2016

Paseo De Roces T1 & T2 HLURB LTS NO. 029315 Date of completion: T1 Dec. 2016 – T2 Dec. 2018

Florida Sun Estates Jacksonville & Miami Project HLURB LTS NO. 28980 Completed

Peninsula Garden Midtown Homes Magnolia HLURB LTS NO. 28558 Date of completion: March 2015

Peninsula Garden Midtown Homes Mahogany HLURB LTS NO. 28557 Date of completion: Dec. 2016

Peninsula Garden Midtown Homes Mandarin HLURB LTS NO. 28556 Date of completion: Sept. 2015

Peninsula Garden Midtown Homes Maple HLURB LTS NO. 26337 Date of completion: June 2014

Peninsula Garden Midtown Homes Molave HLURB LTS NO. 26205 Date of completion: Dec 2012

Peninsula Garden Midtown Homes Narra HLURB LTS NO. 28562 Date of completion: Oct 2014

Peninsula Garden Midtown Homes Parking Building HLURB LTS NO. 28555 Date of completion: Sept 2017

The Capital Towers Athens HLURB LTS NO. 25025 Date of completion: N/A

The Capital Towers Beijing HLURB LTS NO. 029279 Date of completion: N/A

The Capital Towers Ibiza HLURB LTS NO. 26985 Date of completion: May 2014

Tropicana Garden City Toledo HLURB LTS NO. 28570 Date of completion: N/A

Tropicana Garden City Valderama HLURB LTS NO. 26388 Date of completion: Sept. 2013

Park West 7th Ave., NCBD, Fort Bonifacio, Global City HLURB LTS NO. 26925 Date of completion: March, 2016

Central Park West 7th Avenue and 36th Street, Veritown, Bonifacio Global City HLURB LTS NO. 28567

Madison Park West 6th Ave. cor. 36th Street, Veritown Fort, Bonifacio Global City HLURB LTS NO. 28567

Times Square West 6th Ave. corner 38th St., The Big Apple at Veritown Fort, Bonifacio Global City

Grand Hyatt 8th Avenue corner 36th Street Veritown Fort Bonifacio Global City HLURB LTS NO. 26425 Date of completion: Dec. 2016

The Big Apple HLURB LTS NO. 28567 Date of completion: Oct. 2016

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