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Our exclusive shawl and scarf designs have been registered with Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (MyIPO).

Our company philosophy is to produce elegant and fashionable scarves which are distinctive compared to other scarves currently available in the market. At the same time we offer a wide range of choices at affordable prices. Our approach is simply to ensure our customers look gorgeous and elegant when they wear our exclusive scarves.

Our shawl and scarf designs are one of a kind particularly in the Malaysian market. They are branded in special collections such as NOUR SOFEA, AISYA, MARIYA, NOUR SARA, ROZANNA, SOFIYA, SARAMARISA, DANIA, MAISARAH, SURAIYA, KHALEEDA, SABREENA, MAWAR, ROSALYNDA and many more. We use very high quality fabrics such as silk chiffons and other top quality materials.

Our scarves worn by female Muslim newscasters have been featured in several TV news and programs. We recently sponsored a programme called 'RESEPI SUNNAH' on TV9. We have also sponsored a few famous TV dramas and programs such as 'Hijrah Selebriti' at ASTRO, 'Andai Ku Tahu' on TV9, ‘ASMARA 2’ on TV3, the reality TV show ‘Gadis Melayu’ and the live TV show ‘Nasi Lemak Kopi O’ on TV9.

We have launched and produced FAREEDA Magazine.

In collaboration with KOSMO, a widely-read Malay newspaper, we organised a competition called ‘Peraduan Mencari Model Tudung Fareeda’ (Fareeda Scarf Model Search Competition). The Finales were held at Plaza Shah Alam and SACC Mall. Sales and demand for our shawls and scarves have indeed jumped marginally well due to this competition.

We actively publish and advertise our products in several top news papers and magazines such as UTUSAN MALAYSIA, BERITA HARIAN, KOSMO, HARIAN METRO, IN TREND, HARMONI, NUR, ANIS, MINGGUAN WANITA, KELUARGA and DARA.

We are also invited to events and ceremonies from various agencies such as Ministries, Universities and Corporate Companies for fashion shows and sponsorship.

Due to the increasing demand for our exclusive shawls and scarves, we have opened several outlets and boutiques in Malaysia and now we have launched FAREEDA ONLINE SHOPPE to serve our online customers and fans.

FAREEDA now has more than 1 Million fans on Facebook under its “FAREEDA..Nyata Jelita” page.

Notwithstanding, FAREEDA is undoubtedly the NO. 1 EXCLUSIVE SCARF BRAND IN MALAYSIA.

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