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Our mission at Facebook is to give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together. We believe education is the backbone to this mission. Facebook Education was created to bring the world closer together by growing the knowledge economy, through access and equity in educational opportunities for all learners. This page and its connected groups will allow educators to come together to share ideas, explore new ones, and collaborate to tackle challenges.

Community Guidelines:

  1. Be generous. If you have resources, ideas or questions that relate to a post and can benefit the community, comment and share!
  2. Be responsive. A healthy community shares and responds to posts.
  3. Be mindful. When commenting, ask yourself if this is for the good of the group. Comments should benefit the community. Refrain from advertising, politicking and/or posting for personal gain.
  4. Be caring. This is a safe space. Share your ideas, opinions and reactions from a place of respect and consideration for your fellow community members.
  5. Be open. We hope this community helps you grow. Come with ideas, and be open to learning new ones!
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