Equestrian Tai Chi

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Jenny Pim is a full time certified professional Tai Chi instructor, registered with the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain. She has been teaching since 2002. She is an amateur rider and has been involved with horses all her life, breeding and owning many wonderful Connemara ponies.

She started practicing Tai Chi on her own ponies and noticed how much they enjoyed it and how it seemed to calm some of the more nervous ponies. They showed many of the typical signs that they were happy and content, such as lowering their heads, licking and chewing.

Jenny also noticed how it helped her own confidence and also how it pointed out internal weaknesses to her. She bonded more with the ponies and they seemed calmer and happier in their daily lives. The ponies seemed to enjoy connecting on an energetic level.

Realising the benefits of practicing Equestrian Tai Chi (as she called it), to both herself and her ponies, and to her connection with them, she developed a programme for teaching people Equestrian Tai Chi, who had no previous knowledge of Tai Chi.

Jenny Pim was born in Co. Wexford, Ireland. She attended Newtown School in Waterford, a boarding school run by The Society of Friends, before going on to study Irish language and Greek and Roman Classical Civilization in Trinity College Dublin. She then went on to study Archival Science in University College Dublin. She worked on the private papers of Lord Killanin, President of The International Olympic Committee, before moving to London, where she worked for a short while in the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square. She then went to work for Christie's the Art Auctioneers in King Street, London.

It was while she was at Christie's in the middle of the Art boom in the late eighties and early nineties, that she became interested in the Far East and its culture. This led to her learning Tai Chi and later becoming an instructor.

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