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Engazify is passionate about the idea of Happy Teams. It is a faster and fun way to appreciate your teammates with emojis, capture all your team wins, and save it for everyone to see.

Engazify bot fosters a culture of peer recognition and celebration by gamifying the whole experience and making it more fun along the way.

Once Engazify is added to your Slack team, he will keep an eye for emojis and praise words in all the channels he is invited to. He notifies everyone of the recognition and maintains a leaderboard to keep a record of all these appreciations which are viewable in the company web feed.

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Utility Commands:

  1. Feed
  2. Leaderboard
  3. Stats
  4. More stats

Fun Commands:

  1. What's up?
  2. What do you do?
  3. Can you dance?
  4. Will you marry me?
  5. News
  6. Are you a robot?
  7. Favorite song
  8. Favorite food
  9. Favorite movie
  10. What is the day today?

For more info, visit https://ai.engazify.com