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emojiHEALTH is a messaging bot platform designed by two 17 year olds, each with personal reasons to innovate the digital health experience.

We want what we want - when we want it - in an authentic way that respects our need for interactions that are quick, friction free, engaging, highly visual (emojis when relevant 😀), and always relevant!

emojiHEALTH delivers bite sized messages directly into the platforms we use for everyday conversations.

Daily messages include ;

          * personalized health and condition education 🎓  (unique topics each day)
          * reminders  (ex. 🕒💊 =  a 9am medication notification), 
          * trackers and surveys  (ex. tell us how you feel today  😀 or 😐 or 😟) 

In short... emojiHEALTH is an ongoing conversation with your health 😀

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