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Operate Econet device by below commands:

Change Mode
-Alexa, Set home to Off
-Alexa, Set home to Auto Mode
-Alexa, Set home to Cool
-Alexa, Set home to Heat Mode

Change setpoints:
Set setpoints:
-Alexa, Set home temperature to 80 degrees
-Alexa, Set home to 72 degrees

Adjust setpoints:
-Alexa, Increase home temperature by 10 degrees
-Alexa, Increase home by 6 degrees

-Alexa, Decrease home temperature by 6 degrees
-Alexa, Decrease home by 6 degrees

-Alexa, Decrease home
-Alexa, Decrease home temperature

-Alexa, Increase home
-Alexa, Increase home temperature

-Alexa, Make home warmer
-Alexa, Make home cooler

Query Mode:
-Alexa, what is home set to?
-Alexa, what is my home set to?

Query inside temperature:
-Alexa, what is the temperature in my home?

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