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Food can either be the most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison. Meal prepping is one of the greatest ways to sustain a healthy lifestyle and optimise progress to achieving fitness goals. What many are oblivious to, however, is that plastic food containers can be detrimental to health. Plastic containers claiming to be food-safe and reusable become deformed and toxic with time.

Eco Meal Prep™ was created to address the growing concern of plastic chemicals leaching into food. The founders and long-time users of plastic containers discovered the grim reality when their containers began losing shape from repetitive microwave use and stored food began tasting distinctively different. After conducting research about the concern, a life-changing article was found. Plastic containers, including the ones marked as BPA-free, contain harmful chemicals that leach into food and cause devastating health problems.

A passion for health and fitness inspired us to start raising awareness of the potential health problems that can be avoided by switching to safer alternatives such as glass and stainless steel containers. Throughout the process of finding these containers, we discovered there was a great shortage of affordable and optimal sized containers for meal prep; they were either too big, too small or overpriced so we grasped the opportunity. Thus, Eco Meal Prep™ was born.

After a long process of planning, sourcing the best manufacturers and testing, we created a range of premium products for meal-preppers that are genuinely reusable, recyclable, and most importantly minimal in plastic.

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