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Davis by Dynatrace is the first virtual assistant that provides an AI driven interface to application performance data and it is changing the way we communicate and collaborate.

By taking the guesswork out of troubleshooting, Davis makes your job easier. This allows you to focus more on strategic innovation and less on administrative analytics.

Ask Davis 'What happened yesterday? and it will provide a detailed answer like

Yesterday, there were 33 problems that affected 5 applications and 23 services. Easy Travel was the most heavily affected application with 5 problems. The hypervisor was particularly troublesome, causing 2 problems. The greatest concentration of problems was around Wednesday, March 22nd at 11:45 AM. After giving it some thought, I think you should focus on these three issues.

Davis lets you then navigate through the problems to get even more valuable details. It even lets you open the problem detail page right in your browser (Google Chrome required).

To use Davis, you need a Dynatrace account.

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