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Dreamwithtemi is a business initiative that focuses on building a community of mumpreneurs running businesses with their homes while creating an efficient balance.

We teach and breakdown those myths & obstacles to being a leading-edge woman in 90 days or less in your Business & Life.. To become extraordinarily productive, build a lasting a legacy while turning their dreams to reality.

You can join our community of phenomenal mamas and mamas to be here ,click on link-

We help and empower purpose driven women who are after discovering and fulfilling purpose achieve this.

You discover great joy,happiness and fulfillment when you are living your God given purpose.

Many women die unfulfilled and unhappy, paying so much attention on taking care of others and not fulfilling their dreams. I am here to help you get clarity, support, accountability and counsel on this path.

From research many women want to start a business but don't know how to, some start and shut down within a short period of time. Due to overwhelm of balancing their business with life,lack of information, consistency and support.

I love to use my 17+years experience in business, knowledge and network to empower and teach mum entrepreneurs to achieve success in their business while creating an efficient balance between the overwhelm of business and life so that can experience money success,become radically productive and build a lasting legacy. Turning their dreams to reality.

DREAM- Discover ,Run with, be Exceptional, Achieve, Make a difference with Your PURPOSE with Temi.

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