Dr Carli Axford

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Dr. Carli Axford is the Founder and Trainer of The Spinal Flow Technique and has lived and worked throughout the UK, USA, Asia and Australia. She runs regular workshops, retreats and offers free events for you to learn to become an expert in your own body, so it can be balanced, nourished, cleansed and healthy.

With 20 years of experience, she now practices and teaches the Spinal Flow Technique - which is a gentle and holistic approach to HEAL PAIN and dis-ease in the body. There are 7 Gateways of the spine and when unlocked, blockages are transformed into health, energy, and personal power.

After working with this technique, the biggest joy for Dr. Carli is seeing how quickly clients transition from living their lives in pain and stress, to living free of dis-ease! In addition, Dr. Carli incorporates nutrition, meditation and holistic care especially for those diagnosed with chronic conditions.

She works with Tyler Tolman on his retreats and assists with profound healing for many clients experiencing Pain, Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Digestive complaints, Reproductive issues, Cancer, Lyme’s Disease and other Neurological Diseases that have had amazing breakthroughs.

Carli Axford is the only Australian to have ever been invited to practice at the Texas Back Institute, USA, the largest spine institute/hospital in the world. Carli and her colleagues established a system of care that succeeded in preventing 85% of spinal surgery at the hospital.

Her love and passion is her children, healing, bodywork and attending retreats. She has escaped the rat race and lives life every day congruent with her values and what she loves.

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