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Strengthen your team’s relationships, empathy, and culture with Donut. Donut introduces people who don’t know each other well and encourages them to meet for coffee , lunch , or donuts . Simply create a dedicated channel for Donut like #sf-lunch-buddies, #remote-coffee-connection, or #donut-friends-forever and Donut will pair its members via direct message every 1 to 4 weeks. Launch a random coffee or lunch roulette program in seconds. Your teammates can opt in or out by simply joining or leaving the Donut channel. Share selfies of your Donut dates in the Donut channel. Create multiple Donut pairing channels for different geographies, teams, or interests.

As a largely remote company Donut helps us strengthen personal connections and InVision's company culture. —Clark Valberg, CEO and Founder, InVision Donut is brilliant. It's been great for connecting our new hires to our old guard, and helps us build cross-company relationships one coffee date at a time. There are not enough prayer hand emojis in the world to communicate how valuable this little bot is for us! —Courtney Kurysh, Engagement and Aligment Catalyst, Nulogy Donut allows coworkers, who have hundreds of small interactions with each other throughout the work week, to actually connect on a level that matters. —Lukas Effman, Senior Account Executive, Managed by Q Every single Donut date I've done has been with someone I didn't really know. I get to learn a lot in 30 minutes. On one of my Donut dates I met someone working on a different component of the same project, so we decided to do an end-to-end demo to highlight the work our two teams are doing. It was a huge hit, and it wouldn't have happened without Donut. —Todd Kaplinger, Senior Technical Staff Member, IBM

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