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You say it. Ditty will sing it. This NEW Ditty skill will turn your messages into HIT SONGS via Alexa.
The Ditty skill takes simples messages you speak like, “I love you” or “What’s for dinner” and uses famous songs to make musical dittys. You have the option to share dittys by linking your Twitter account (see more below)
Check the Ditty skill often for promotions, contests and new featured songs!

To share your dittys using Twitter:
First make sure the Ditty skill is enabled. You can then link your Twitter account from the Ditty skill page in the Alexa app or at Select Skills from the menu on the left. Select Your Skills in the top right corner and then select Ditty from the list. On the Ditty skill page select Link Account and follow the prompts. Account Linking is not required for use, and only required if you want to share your dittys by posting them to Twitter.

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