Digital Street Agency

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Digital Street is an agency that aims to bring out the best out of your business and reputation! Are you a business owner or a personality? We tailor-fit our solution to suit your digital needs.

For Businesses

Do you need online promotion and marketing. Are you having a hard time in getting your following base on social media? Would you like to improve your SEO?

For Personalities

Got to take care of your online reputation? Do you have issues on Google entries and would like to remove these negative content out of the face of internet? We have real proven solutions.

Here’s our services:


  • Design for social media posters/ Banners and header
  • Website design and development

Social Media

  • Social Media Management
  • Social Media Content
  • Web Content Management
  • Comment Marketing / Online Engagement Marketing

Systems Dev’t

  • System Development (Web and App)

Public Relations and Intelligence

  • Promotions and Online Media Distribution
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Intelligence/Survey/Sentiments


  • Photography and Post and Pre- Production
  • Booth Setup

Crisis Monitoring

  • We give you real-time crisis management advice and recommendations
  • Sentiments, Media-type reporting
  • Recommendations when crisis hits

Digital Strategy

Consultation is FREE! Get real advice from our team to improve where you are right now!

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