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I’m sitting here today to share a dream with you, that I had 3 years ago, and have now manifested into a physical product. First let me take you down a trip of how far we’ve come. 2003 Linkedin is founded by past employees of Paypal and begins shaping the online dot com boom. 2004 Facebook is founded by a dropout at Harvard University and today, is the 4th most valuable company in the world. 2007 Steve jobs announces the iPhone and changes the way we think about a telephone. 2010 and 2011 brought us Snapchat and Instagram and at this point it’s clear that a device we previously used to make simple phone calls, was about to revolutionize our daily lives and directly impact how we communicate with each other forever. With innovation, and necessity, we have modified a very simple communication device, into a tool to communicate with friends and loved ones around the world in a way never thought possible. We live in the most connected generation in the history of the world, and this tool, what we now call a smartphone, has been modified and adapted to our current market to improve our communication by using pictures, videos, resumes, thoughts, experiences, being viewable by anyone in the world. With all this power of connection to communication, why have we let all the different useful platforms remain scattered. This point right here, is why I developed digi, and why I am so excited to share that dream with you that I had 3 years ago. Digi is a chatbot based in Facebook messenger that seeks to organize and simplify your social

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There is a menu that will guide you through the steps. But it responds to when you search a name. So, once you finish registration, try something like searching my name by clicking "send a message" in the menu.