Dhaka FM90.4

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The journey of Dhaka FM began back in 2009 when in search for good entertainment content services the idea for Radio came in mine. It was Pohela Boishakh 2009 when the first live Internet Radio was launched. We were the first to setup a full studio with RJs to run a radio station on internet. We run 20 hrs live programs catering to our listeners all across the worl. Unlike FM stations which has a fixed demography , Internet radio with global reach intrigued our creativity to innovate programs that touched upon all our listeners.

It was with this fascinating experience that we (actually) thought of launching FM radio station. In December 2010 we were the first to be awarded with private FM radio station license amongst the 2nd phase FM license awarded by the Government. And this is how the journey of Dhaka FM begins.


To meet the entertainment and information need of the listeners by promoting local culture, music and happenings. To communicate with shooting, simple and friendly Bengali words along with humorous presentation.

Call Station: Dhaka FM 90.4

Slogan: my city my tune

Technical Facts:

Frequency: 90.4MHz

Capacity: 10KW

Antenna Gain: 6 dB

Polarization: Circular (8 bay)

Data service: RDS and DARC Transmission

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