Deal or No Deal (unofficial)

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Can you find the case containing $1,000,000 or trick the Banker into giving you more money than your case is worth?

The game begins by selecting 1 of 20 cases, each containing a hidden amount of money ranging from $.01 to $1,000,000. The case you chose stays by your side throughout the remainder of the game, and you begin to open the remaining cases in a series of rounds to reveal the amount of money inside them.

At the end of each round Alexa will receive a phone call from The Banker who will offer you a sum of money to quit the game and forfeit your case. If you think your case contains more than the Banker's offer, you turn down the deal and continue playing the game. If you think your case is worth less than the Banker's offer, you accept the deal, the game ends, and your case is revealed to see if you made the right choice. The Banker's offers will change throughout the game based on the likelihood of your case containing a large or small amount of money.

Your goal is to out-smart the Banker and finish the game with the greatest amount of money possible, so consider the offers wisely!

- You can say random to pick an available case at random instead of keeping track of the case numbers.
- Not sure which cases are available? You can say “what cases are left?” for a list.
- Open the Alexa app while opening cases to see which cases are available to pick from.
- Open the Alexa app during a Banker offer to see which cash amounts are still in play.

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No real money is won or lost by playing this game.

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