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De-Fishing Soap was first invented years ago when Master Soapmaker Michelle Innis grew weary of her husband smelling like fish. Time after time he would come home after albacore fishing and smell up the entire house. After months of testing and numerous consultations with her uncle, a chemist, Michelle formulated the first bar of De-Fishing Soap. After rigorous product testing and refining, De-Fishing Soap was debuted at San Diego Sportfishing Council’s Day at the Docks in 2003 to great success. Michelle, spring boarding on the great feedback from the bar, soon perfected the liquid formula, which has been wildly popular. In the years since, De-Fishing Soap has been sold in numerous tackle shops and distributed worldwide.

In 2014, after much searching, Michelle passed the reigns of De-Fishing Soap to St. Inky LLC run by Nathan Gaudioso, an avid fresh- and salt-water angler. Nathan was born and raised in San Diego and has been in and around the ocean his entire life - fishing, surfing, and scuba diving. He grew up fishing on the decks of the San Diego tuna fleet, and was a former buyer and operations manager for a chain of fishing stores as well as an accountant by trade. Nathan has fished all over the world, big black marlin and tuna in Puerto Vallarta, wahoo in Indonesia, largemouth at El Salto, and trout in the Eastern Sierras.

Backed by years of business experience and strong partners with diverse backgrounds, St. Inky couldn't be happier to write the next chapter in the history of De-Fishing Soap.

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