David Harris Jr.

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I love to encourage and inspire others... I've been to the brink of hell and back. I've stared death in the face and made my bed in hell and heard Papa God say, Just hold on, Son, hold on. I've walked with Him for over 20 years, through the good, the bad, and the ugly... and He never left me. He was always by my side... He IS the answer to every problem. He IS the solution to every situation. His Love is enough! His Love is more than enough! Seeing Life through His eyes brings all things into perfect alignment. Seeing the way He loves us makes everything else right. He is sooo good. And He is in love with you and with me... IF I can help anyone see that Love clearer, crisper, or feel it deeper, I will... This is my page, this is what I do. This is who I am... and once in a while, I'll share my views on life too... Thank you for stopping by. Hopefully something here inspires you. Take what you need, come back as often as you like, and share with your friends... You never know what He might do in someone's life from this silly place called Facebook.

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