Conquer Ninja Warrior

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We have 4 locations in the Twin Cities! Woodbury: 707 Commerce Drive siute 120 Eden Prairie: 7000 Washington Ave S Burnsville: 3203 Corporate Center Drive suite 180 Blaine: 1467 101st. ave.

Find out if you can conquer the obstacles on American Ninja Warrior!
Challenge yourself on our indoor replica obstacles! We offer varying degrees of difficulty from beginner through advanced.

We have a gauntlet of over 30 of the most popular American Ninja Warrior obstacles and are constantly adding new ones. Run up the warped wall, ascend the salmon ladder, stick it in the Spider Climb, or traverse the unstable bridge. Learn the techniques to be the next American Ninja Warrior!

Build your strength, endurance, and confidence while having fun! Trian. Commit. Conquer.

Teens and Adults: If you’re not ready to call yourself an elite ninja, our trainers will work on alternative obstacles for your strength progression. Before you know it, you will be a ninja!

Kids: We know your kids love American Ninja Warrior. Here's their opportunity to BE a ninja! Ages 5 plus We have obstacles scaled down from the original versions; your kids will build strength, endurance and confidence without even realizing it!

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