Compassion Multiplies

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'Growing Kindness Within, Spreading Love Around'

Because each seed of compassion we plant in ourselves, grows into a fruit to bless those around us.

With each compassionate act practiced, we put a glow in someone's life. What happens if we can multiply that effect to help our communities?

How the Compassion Multiplies App Works:

  1. Spend a few minutes of alone time thinking about the acts of compassion you have practiced today. Post photos through the Compassion Multiples App to record them.

Each photo posted = 1 seed; 10 seeds = 1 fruit.

  1. Each fruit translates to SGD5 and is donated to a beneficiary. With more acts completed, the number of seeds accumulated increases, as we spread our love to those around us and beyond!

Will you help us to multiply the kindness in you?

Download the Compassion Multiplies App at your Apple AppStore or Android Playstore now!

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