Coloring Book Cafe

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Every 2 weeks, members of the COLORING BOOK CAFE receive a stunning 10 page coloring book.

Each book is unique! The coloring books are organized by themes and include: Floral Patterns, Beautiful Animals, Amazing Birds, Sea Creatures, Zentangle Dolls, Heavenly Hearts, Magical Forests, Delicious Fruit, Intricate Mandalas, Positive Affirmations, Fairies and Angels, and so much more!You can certainly find coloring pages on the web or go to your local bookstore but nothing is as affordable as joining an adult coloring club!

Going through hundreds of mediocre coloring pages on the web can be time consuming and frustrating. Also, spending money at the local bookstore can add up over time. By joining the Coloring Book Cafe, not only will have you instant access to high quality, carefully selected images from artists around the globe but you will also have the anticipation of looking forward to a new book every two weeks!

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