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CNN brings you breaking news and the latest news topics from anchors and reporters across the globe. Just say, “Alexa, open CNN.” You can tap the story you want to hear, say the topic name or say the corresponding number to the topic. You can say previous or next to see more stories on the list screen.

To dive right in, say, “Alexa, ask CNN for the latest news.” Then, ask CNN about a specific topic, such as: “Alexa, ask CNN for the latest on President Trump.”

While you watch, you can ask Alexa to pause or resume. Skip a video by saying next. Tell Alexa how far to rewind or fast forward when watching a video. Tap the screen to see the video title display. To hear the latest subjects CNN is covering, say, “Alexa, ask CNN for more topics.”

After you enable the CNN skill, here are some ways to get started:

Alexa, ask CNN for the latest news.
Alexa, ask CNN for the latest on President Trump.
Alexa, tell CNN to give me the news.
Alexa, play number one.
Alexa, more topics.
Alexa, latest video.
Alexa, scroll right.
Alexa, pause.
Alexa, resume.
Alexa, next.
Alexa, stop.
Alexa, rewind 15 seconds.

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