CItyFALCON Personalised Financial News

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CityFALCON provides personalised financial news for your watchlist of stocks, commodities, foreign exchange, cryptocurrencies, indices, private companies, bonds, funds, financial topics and more.

Create and manage watchlists, track stories for your portfolio, check out what is trending at the moment and what is going on in the markets, all this with one skill.

Here are some combinations of commands you could use:

- What are the top stories for Google?

- What are the latest stories for my watchlist?

- What are the top stories in the last one hour?

- What are the trending stocks during the last day?

- Create a new watchlist “My Stocks”.

- Add Bitcoin to my watchlist.

- Add Ethereum to my watchlist.

- Delete Bitcoin from my watchlist.

- Delete my watchlist “My Stocks”.

What we do NOT support yet:

As an early stage start-up, CityFALCON cannot afford to provide real-time prices for stocks, etc. yet. As we grow, we will try and look for a way to implement this and other similar features.

About CityFALCON:

CityFALCON provides personalised financial news. Our proprietary technology creates a different news feed for every person. Imagine a financial news feed just like your feed on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. Imagine the Spotify experience for financial news. Our Clients include BNP Paribas Wealth Management, several FinTech and FS companies, and thousands of traders and investors. We have been accelerated by Microsoft and Octopus Investments.

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