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Cigno Pty Ltd is a facilitator specialising in emergency loans. We offer a service to consumers and businesses whereby you gain access to funds on the same day as applying. We pride ourselves in our customer service and we strive to help everyone.

We at Cigno are here for our clients. You may follow and speak on Facebook or Twitter to our online representatives - they're here to answer any questions regarding our service or assist you with enquiries online. Your privacy is assured and won't be misused for miscellaneous purposes, as per our policies listed on our website:

Furthermore, you may also follow us on Twitter regarding updates, deals, promotions, give-aways and the occasional good laugh.

We belong and adhere to the code of ethics and practices of the National Financial Services Federation and we conduct our business to comply with the National Consumer Credit Protection Act.

We're absolutely honest and clear about every fee and charge to you - there's nothing hidden or disguised. We make every effort to prevent extra fees, even sending text messages to keep you in the loop when a payment is almost due or if a payment dishonours.

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