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Former TV and Movie Personality/ Emcee, Co-Host of “The 700 Club, ” and Speaker for “Go Negosyo”

FERDINAND “CHINKEE” TAN is a lifestyle trainer whose wisdom and strength are drawn from a life full of challenges.

Born in Tondo, Manila of Chinese parentage, Chinkee is the eldest of three children. He attended UNO (Manila Chinese School) in elementary, Hope Christian High School, and Philippine School of Business Administration (Manila) in college.

After his father experienced big losses in business, Chinkee at a very young age started to realize the importance of perseverance and hard work. The family crisis brought him to Divisoria where he bought everything that he could peddle to classmates and friends, including toilet paper, from which he made some profits. It was this part of his life where he developed his business acumen. In the course of his early start as a budding entrepreneur and the different challenges it presented, his vision in life was crystallized: to be a very successful entrepreneur who will be at the providing end of earning opportunities for people who need them.

The succeeding part of Chinkee’s life witnessed the realization of this vision. He embarked on various ventures where he always figured out ways to reap good returns. His firm belief is to “just help enough people to get what they want and you will also get what you want in life.” He speaks from the heart and has spoken before retirees, executives, private as well as government employees, students, church leaders, and even out-of-school youth. He has helped and coached over 50 people to become millionaires in their business.

His topics of expertise include How to Get Out of Debt, Six Steps to Financial Freedom, Be the Best That You Can Be, 6 D’s of Success, How to Reach Your Maximum Potential, How to Speak Effectively in Public, How to Overcome Fear in Public Speaking, Six Steps to Improve Self-Image, Developing a Winning Mindset, How to Deal With Change, Power of Entrepreneurship, Developing Your Selling Skills, and Revealing the Leader Within You. He attended the following seminars: Zig Ziglar’s Born to Win, John Maxwell’s Developing the Leaders Around You, and Multi-level Marketing Training in Australia. His other past accomplishments include being one of Randy Santiago’s Hawi Boys, Barclay’s Executive Distributor Top Earner, Herbalife’s Get Team Top Earner, Issho Genki Diamond Executive (one of the only two to achieve such an award) , Prudential Pension Plan’s Top General Agent, and Vision Unlimited, Inc.’s former CEO and helping over 35 people become millionaires through Millionaires in Business (MIB).

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