Chatterbox Deli

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Spring in Karachi is getting a new definition. We look forward to your smiles, tinkling cutlery and happy laughter at our new Deli.

Our Deli caters to all those who wish to have a little fiesta to spruce up the regular day. A little excitement in New York like ambiance- polished wood, glass and sprinkling lights – delectable culinary and patisserie offerings – must have table decorations and our signature – YOU. A happy merry YOU.

Pie in the sky took a long time to bring this Deli to you as we wanted the best and did not want to settle for less space or far off location. We wanted to be in your midst (we always want that) and accessible to every working person and to those who use their life productively by donating time to meaningful causes and to all those who value breaking bread with the loved ones, family or friends.

Chatterbox has maintained exceptionally high standards in their service and products and we need to go a notch up this time. Beating our own best!

So in addition to our up and running patisseries, delightful cafes and mysteriously rich and sinful Aztec we bring to you our best yet – THE CHATTERBOX DELI.

Chatterbox Deli is our new flagship establishment. An eatery that is the realization of our very long wish list.

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