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Welcome to our community of Early Adopters who want to learn How to Use Facebook Messenger and ChatBots to Generate Qualified Leads, Sales, and Appointments to grow your online or offline business.

We encourage you to use this group to:

  • share ideas
  • ask questions
  • discover new ideas
  • get insights and understanding
  • start great conversations about bots
  • connect with other marketers, business owners, professionals, consultants and bot creators from all over the globe.

If you post something here, please make sure it is something that will benefit the entire group.

DO NOT self promote your own products and services as it will lessen the overall value of our Facebook Groups and groups in general. You will get banned from this group.

Can't we all get along? :)

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And after all that, make sure you hug those you love, pet your dog (or cat), and smile at the next person you see. :)

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