Cell Phone Finder

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Misplaced your cell phone? Ask Alexa to call you, so you can easily locate it!

A quick phone call is all you need to register for the service.

How to register my phone?
1. Enable the skill from your Alexa app or by saying Alexa, enable Cell Phone Finder.
2. Call +1 415-212-4525 (San Francisco) with the phone you want to register.
3. Then say Alexa, ask Cell Phone Finder what my pin code is.
4. Enter the pin code into your phone. Ready!

How do I tell Alexa to call my cell phone?
Alexa, start Cell Phone Finder.
Alexa, start Cell Phone Finder and call me.

How can I register a different phone number?
You need to delete the original registration by disabling the skill. After re-enabling the skill you can register a different phone.

Privacy policy: Cell Phone Finder saves your phone number, usage data and an anonymized id, so you can be called. The caller id of this calls is always +1 415-212-4525 (San Francisco).

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