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The ccAgile bot can answer most questions about agile (only agile scrum for now). The bot can answer questions about scrum ceremonies, roles, artifacts, and the process itself. It can even give you information about who should take part in a ceremony, who should drive it, and why it is useful. 

Ask questions about scrum and the bot will get you an answer. 

The purpose of the ccAgile bot is to answer the basic questions around agile scrum. This frees up the human experts within each organization to tackle more interesting questions. It helps to bring the whole team to a common understanding of the process. 

Get started by typing hi. Here is small set of the questions that ccAgile has learned to answer: 
  • What is a product increment? 
  • Why do I need a definition of done? 
  • Who attends the product backlog refinement meeting? 
  • What are the roles in scrum? 
  • What are the ceremonies in scrum? 

ccAgile has also heard a couple of jokes and is itching to tell somebody! Have fun learning about agile scrum!

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