Camella Pagadian

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It is a story of growth, a story of vision, a story of passion. It is a story about the desire to build a home for every Filipino. To deservedly reward the hard work and perseverance of the Filipino family man. To give young families a place of their own where they can grow their dreams and tomorrows. To create communities where residents feel safe and feel they belong to.

Camella masterplans describe residential communities that are more than a composite of homes, streets, parks, and playgrounds. Camella believes that communities should bring whatever its families need within easy reach.

Camella Pagadian is accessible to everything that you need! Situated in major highway and near transportation hubs, malls, schools and hospitals, Camella Pagadian offers convenience and security for affordable prices.

INQUIRE NOW! Visit Camella Office, 2F C3 Mall, Pagadian City or dial 09998864142 and 09173162569 for details.

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