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Busybot lets you quickly assign tasks to your team members, directly in Slack Use busybot to assign tasks, set reminders and track your team’s progress. Tasks are automatically organized by channel, ensuring important items never fall through the cracks. Working with your existing Slack teams, busybot will take care of task management - just like Trello, Asana, Todoist, Wunderlist or Basecamp - without the frustration of a clogged-up email inbox. Busybot will let you know when tasks are due, and provide simple, concise updates within Slack so everyone is on the same page. No need for account configuration, waiting periods or additional passwords… just sign up and start! Busybot task management. Quick. Simple. Efficient. Some things you can do with Busybot:

  • Mention me in chat to create a task that I will track
  • Mention a team mate when creating a task and I’ll assign it to them
  • Send me a direct message and I’ll add it to your task list
  • React to a message with reaction emoji and I’ll turn it into a task
  • Tell me when the task needs to be done, and I’ll set a due date
  • Simply type @busybot in a channel and I’ll list all of the channel’s tasks There is so much more to discover, so sign up and start assigning tasks today! For more information
  • Sign up for busybot (busybot is free to use for as long as you want, for teams of all sizes)
  • See the busybot product tour
  • Busybot website What people are saying about busybot “Not only do I love not having to spend time and energy understanding how to use a productivity tool, I love how every member of my team doesn't have to battle the simplicity either. It’s helped me spend less time understanding what needs to be done and more time doing what needs to be done.”
  • Justin Chick, Hanley Wood “We are a younger organization with fast growth and a lot going on. Busybot has helped us keep things from slipping through the cracks and organize our tasks internally.”
  • Tanner, Awardco “It keeps me on target with my deadlines, and gives me a baseline to check my work and make sure no important elements of the job have been overlooked. We've used it in the early stages of a project and it brings to light a lot of issues that we'd encounter or think about much later in the project. Doing that lets us better raise the questions at an earlier point in time, before our hands are tied.”
  • Daniel Burlew, Skyline Windows “I really enjoy the ability to keep and track all tasks within slack and within the busybot page. We have migrated all of our current IMs, task and proje
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