BroadLink Remote Control

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With the BroadLink Remote Control skill and Alexa, you can now interact with your A/V devices such as TVs, DVDs, STBs (set top boxes) through BroadLink RM pro universal remote by voice.

To get started:

1. Download the new BroadLink Intelligent Home Center (IHC) App. The previous version of the App does not work with Alexa. To find the IHC App, search for 'intelligent home center' in the Apple App store or Google Play store.
2. Configure the BroadLink RM pro universal remote and make sure to assign an email address and password to the application by clicking 'Me' on the bottom bar in the app, the clicking the top account bar with the placeholder avatar image and setting a email address and password on the next screen.
3. To control channels by name, you need to add your favorite channels in the IHC App by clicking the 'ch' button in the virtual remote view, click the '+' sign to add a new channel, provide a pronounceable name or acronym for the channel like 'NBC' or 'Comedy Central' and enter the channel number to map the name to.
4. Link your IHC App to Alexa within the Alexa mobile app (Settings > Skills > Type in & search “BroadLink Remote Control” > Select “Enable”>”Use the BroadLink Account and Password created for the IHC App”
5. After discovery, your BroadLink devices should be displayed in the Alexa app.

Using the skill:

This skill takes advantage of updates to the way Alexa manages certain commands that are targeted towards devices that are controlled by BroadLink. After controlling a device using Alexa, for a period of time the next set of applicable commands are targeted to that device if you don’t use the device name. For example, after you ask Alexa to turn on TV, subsequent requests to control volume will change the volume on the TV, not the volume on Alexa itself. To have a command target your Alexa device, just start an Alexa function such as play music. To have a command target another device controlled by BroadLink, just use the device name such as Alexa, change channel to 23 on set top box.

For example if you name your device 'TV', you can say:

Alexa, turn on the TV
Alexa, change channel to 30 on TV
“Alexa, turn up the volume on TV”
Alexa, mute TV

For following scenarios, you need to rediscover your device by saying “Alexa, discover devices”:
1. Changing the name of a device in the BroadLink ihc app, for example if you changed “TV” to “Television”;
2. Added more devices or channels in BroadLink ihc app
3. The device has been reset

If Alexa returns voice the device isn’t responding, there might be two possible reasons:
1. RM pro universal remote is offline: Please try to access RM pro in BroadLink ihc app. If the app shows “Device is offline”, that means the network connection has a problem. Please check your network connection until you can access the device in the ihc app.
2. The command is not supported in IR code set: Please try the same command to control the device in BroadLink ihc app. For example, if you say: “Alexa, turn up the volume on TV” and Alexa tells you “TV isn’t responding”. You need to tap the volume “+” button to try the control in ihc app. If it also fails, that means the volume control command is not supported in IR code set. Please tap the menu on top-right corner and choose “Learn”. Find the function icon in the list and tap “Learn” > “Learn” to follow the wizard to learn the IR code.

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