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What is Brisbot? Brisbot is a chat bot that gives answers and advice to many of the questions and problems that children face today. It is designed by Swedish helpline BRIS, and all answers are written by professional child counselors.

How does it work? Brisbot does not respond to open questions. Instead the user will navigate through pre-programmed professional advice. Brisbot is sort of an FAQ for kids with problems, adapted to a chat format.

Why Brisbot? We believe that no matter what the problem is, talking to someone is always a good start. But children don’t communicate the way grown-ups do and some hesitate to use the BRIS helpline for support. That’s why we’ve developed Brisbot, a chat bot that can give advice directly in Kik.

What is BRIS? BRIS is a Swedish non-profit organization that runs a national helpline for children and teenagers. Every day we have contact with hundreds of kids through phone, chat and mail conversation. Brisbot is not a substitute, but an addition to our regular support. Visit for more info.

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