Brandon Lilly

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Brandon Lilly is a well traveled, Elite powerlifter. Author of The Cube Method, and 365STRONG, he has competed not only raw, but in Multiply Gear reaching totals that rank him in the Top 20 All-Time in each category. He has the 17th largest total of All Time Raw w/Wraps regardless of weight class with 2,237 lbs., his 2,110 lbs. Raw Belt Only, and 2,612 lbs. Multi Ply also rank in the Top 20 All Time.

Along with his own achievements the Cube Method has helped lifters achieve amazing results, two men have totaled over 2200 lbs, one over 2100 lbs, and five more over 2000 lbs using these methods. Also Brandon Lilly has consulted with numerous University Strength and Conditioning Programs, as well as Navy Seal Team 2, dozens of gyms around the world, and he is a sought after coach/motivator for speaking engagements. He was recently named by Charles Poliquin as a Coach to Hire for Raw Strength. Thank you for the support!

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