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Inside each one of us lies a #BossLady. She may be dormant, she may be raging fire… she may even be in the sweet spot – that delicious place where we step into both our femininity AND our power combined – just waiting to be set free…

Born out of a dream by Gilda de Araujo and Zamathango Thango, #BossLady is here to do just that!

Ours is a platform that embraces the power of WOMAN…a space for ladies who lead not just in their own lives, but who light the fire within others so they too can live their lives, best.

The truth is we’re all on a journey, and by celebrating our own and each other’s successes, we hold space for each other to truly step into our own unique #BossLady-ness!

So, whether you’re a lady making ‘boss’ moves or quietly ‘slaying’ on your path to greatness – we’re here to celebrate you. We strive to deliver content that won’t just make you want to read and re-read – but fires you into action!

Join the sisterhood that salutes #BossLadies from all walks of life as they share their hard-earned wisdom, vulnerabilities, and triumphs – and by all means…


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