Black History Facts

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This skill is narrated by voice talent that is passionate about bringing black history facts through relatable voices. Among them is Roger Craig(, first NFL player to amass 1000 yards rushing & 1000 yards receiving in the same season/3-time Super Bowl winning San Francisco 49er great; VP of Business Development at Tibco Software.

We have partnered with BlackPast(, to get you accurate and detailed facts. When the fact has finished rendering, please check out the card for more information like the fact text, and the link where you can find out more about the fact.

We really hope that you enjoy this skill and hope that you learn something new!

Try the following phrases to get some facts:
Alexa Tell Black History Facts in the 1960s
Alexa Tell Black History Facts that happened in the 19th century
Alexa Tell Black History Facts that occurred in the 1700s

Note: This skill is developed and maintained by the Amazon Black Employee Network

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