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Bing Facebook Page Rules Of The Road:

This is a community where fans can share their passion for the things they like and do, and where Bing can interact with those fans. While we're excited to hear from you, it's important to note that Bing fan postings to the Bing Facebook fan page are not representative of the opinions of Bing, nor do we confirm their accuracy.

As part of our commitment to you, the fans, we'll do our best to ensure the postings on our fan page are in line with the Bing philosophy. However, since we unfortunately can't monitor every posting or conversation, Bing expects that users will not post content that falls into the following categories and reserves the right to remove or hide postings that are:

  • abusive, defamatory, or obscene
  • fraudulent, deceptive or misleading
  • intended to drive traffic to a non-affiliated site
  • in violation of any intellectual property right of another
  • in violation of any law or regulation
  • otherwise offensive

If you submit content to this fan page, you hereby agree to the following: (1) you voluntarily submit the content; (2) you give Bing the unrestricted right to use, in any online capacity, including, without limitation, in Facebook posts, blogs, websites and other social networks, without compensation to you, your Facebook user name (or any other name associated with your content) and the content, ideas (including ideas about our products or advertising campaign), concepts, designs or creative elements submitted by you, in any manner that we choose; (3) the content is your own original work.

For existing fans: if you do not wish to be a fan of the official Bing page any longer, please feel free to Unlike our page by clicking the drop-down menu by the Message button.

By messaging Bing, you agree to the Microsoft Services Agreement: Read the Microsoft Privacy Statement to learn about Microsoft’s commitment to privacy:

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