Big Sky

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Big Sky: The ultimate weather reference for Amazon Alexa

Current Weather: Big Sky uses the Dark Sky API, to give hyper-local forecasts, hour-by hour, tied to your actual street address.

Weather Almanac: Use Big Sky to look up past weather conditions.

Weather Fact: Ask Big Sky for an interesting weather fact!


-- You can now choose between 4 different ways to get windspeed reported: mph, kph, meters/second, knots!

-- You can now get just temperature/apparent temperature information. Alexa, ask Big Sky for the temperature Or, Alexa, ask Big Sky for the temperature in 3 hours.

-- UV Index info. You can get the UV index for any hour in the next 48 hours. Alexa, ask Big Sky for the UV three 4pm

-- Weather Almanac: Alexa, ask BigSky what was the weather on June 1st 1969?

NOTE: You choose between Celsius/Fahrenheit and Windspeed options when you sign into your BigSky account. You can change these (and other) options by saying, Update my options within the skill.

Alexa, ask Big Sky...

...what's the high temperature today?
...will it rain in the next three hours?
...what was the weather on June 1st, 1980?
...will it rain before 10 pm?
...for the humidity at 4 pm?
...give me a weather fact!
...what will the wind speed be in three hours?
...what's the low temperature in the next seven days?
...about the weather this weekend.
...when is sunrise on Saturday?
...what's the weather on Friday?

If you experience trouble with Big Sky, please contact the developer at: [email protected]

If you like the skill, please leave it a 5-star review. 5-star reviews encourage the developer to keep updating the skill!

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