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BANGS! Music & Entertainment Published by CowGirlZen Entertainment Weekly Music & Entertainment Online Publication

BANGS! Music & Entertainment is a weekly online publication, published by CowGirlZen Entertainment. Our goal is to bring a wide variety of genres of music in the entertainment industry together to focus not just on the major bands/musicians globally, but to be a home for fans of the independent scene. The objective is to interview and review on a higher and deeper level- in-depth questions and viewpoints that go beyond the standard reporting and capturing of today's musicians.

We have since our inception been able to interview and photograph some of today's most exciting well-known bands for our publication, and alongside them place unsigned or independent bands which in turn together helps each others exposure to a broader fan-base. Our world is global and so is music.

Music like in the eye, ears, and heart of the individual. We work with several different publicist that cater to the music ears of Hard Rock, Indie, Country, Alternative, Americana, Punk, Folk, Reggae, Metal, Hip-Hop, EDM, and all the sub-genres in between. Currently our readership varies from 180-250k and our readers are diverse. BANGS! Music & Entertainment brings in regular readers from the United States, France, UK, Belgium, Russia, New Zealand, Ukraine, India, Germany, China, Japan, Israel, Brazil and more! This is so exciting for us, but more importantly it is exciting for the artists we work with, because it is our goal to get their music heard!

In 2017, as we move forward, we are continuing to build our staff, offering opportunities to individuals who want to grow and learn. Searching and researching music to as we open doors to be heard, supporting the bands from all styles, and giving those who desire a platform to shine in their passion and creativity to dream. The power of passion is to create and the power of a dream is to put it into action. BANGS! Music & Entertainment and CowGirlZen Entertainment believes in all that we can do is offer... the rest is up to you and the YOU will have US right there supporting all the way.

Chief Editor: Allyson Song River Jaynes CEO: Kerry Terace CowGirlZen Entertainment BANGS! Music & Entertainment [email protected] or [email protected] Phoenix, Az.Public Relations/Publication/Photography/Marketing/Management

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