Awesome Travel Destinations

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Welcome to our awesome travel destinations page We really appreciate you stopping by!

This page is run by Shelley Belcourt and Katie Johnston. Shelley lives at the beach in New Zealand with her husband and 2 young boys. Katie and her husband live right on the coast near their grown up kids in tropical Queensland, Australia.

The reason we started this page is because we LOVE to travel - just like you!

Our aim is to inspire you to travel or at least, to be filled up with the deliciousness that opening up to the world around us gives.

The images posted are not always owned by us, we just share them for your enjoyment!

BTW if you have some beautiful videos you'd like us to feature on the page, feel free to submit them at the Submit Video Button on the left hand side of our page like some of our awesome community have done.

Stop by our page often - we put a lot of effort in every day to bring you inspiration from all around the world of Awesome Travel Destinations :-)

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