Avocado Box

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It started on a backyard avocado grove in the hills of Santa Barbara, California. Every season, a young family harvested their crop, so they could give avocados to their closest friends, family and neighbors. Gifting avocados become their trademark, but folks in the community started asking for more.

AvocadoBox was born from this request. It’s now possible to receive a scheduled shipment of the best avocados in the world - year round.

Our team hand sources 8 of the finest and largest avocados packed in a custom box. You receive 4 ripe-ready avocados and 4 that will be ready to eat within 5-7 days. Now you'll always have a delicious, ripe, Extra Large avocado ready to eat!

This young family still works their backyard grove, but now has the privilege of sharing avocados with everyone.

Avocados are our passion and we’re grateful to be able to share a box with you. We know you will absolutely love our avocados.

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