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If you have an August Smart Lock,
- you can now lock your door,
- unlock your door with a PIN code from Alexa and
- check the status of your August Smart Lock(s)

You'll need to set up each August Smart Lock with an August Connect. Follow the instructions in your August app.

To get started:
- Enable the skill. It will appear under Skills section
- Link your August Smart Lock account to give the skill permission to access your locks.
- If you want to enable unlocking, set a PIN code at the end of the account linking. If you leave this blank, then Alexa cannot unlock your door (this is the default). Note that this PIN code is different from a PIN code set up on the August Smart Keypad
- Once your August and Amazon Alexa accounts are linked you can Ask August to unlock my front door or Check the back door.

If Alexa hears an incorrect unlocking PIN three times, then she will require you to set the PIN code again in account linking before she will unlock the door for you.

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