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LF Fragrance is where you can get the HALAL exclusive fragrance from the country which have the most trusted certificate HALAL, Malaysia.

We offer a curated lifestyle collection of International high street fashion brands, popular local brands as well, which is designed to fit our ethos of providing trendy, inspirational fashion at great value.

While LF Fragrance Awareness are unique in their own right, what ties them together is their street cred, their fit to flatter the all body type and in fabrics that are suited for all seasonality.

We ensure the styling is a good fusion of International catwalk looks, vintage influences and all trend.

Looking for an ever-changing wardrobe that never gets boring? We are always on the lookout for fun and accessible fashion to add to our online store. From everyday wear to evening apparel, with styling and designs that can suit any occasion or style.

Get online, get social and shop on LF Fragrance. We are here for all your fashion moments.

Stay tuned on Facebook for up-to-date news on competitions, promotions and new-in collections and brands. We are here to give you shopping tips, and help with purchases so always whats-apps us with any queries!

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