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AskSid AI offers a conversational AI solution verticalized for retail that helps global retail brands and consumer product companies improve their P&L. Using machine learning techniques, the AI is first trained on the client’s business data (products, FAQs, orders etc) such that it can start answering consumer questions instantly – questions can be around product recommendations meeting the consumer’s specific need, questions to do about the product and about the brand or even questions that are transactional in nature related to past orders or delivery related. The end outcome being accelerated conversions by simplifying the consumer’s shopping journey, cost savings for the retail brand by automating 60%-70% of the repetitive customer service queries and access to unique precision marketing insights about end consumers from the raw demand signals hidden in the consumer messages data.

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AskSid AI is a full stack conversational AI solution verticalized for retail and consumer goods and our mission is to improve brands’ P&L. Some of the leading global brands had seen increased conversions, saved their customer service costs upto 25%.